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The Salisbury Zoo, located in Salisbury, Maryland, was founded in 1954 when some animals were placed on permanent exhibition in the City Park. The Zoo’s present form resulted from improvements made in the 1970s. The Zoo now provides naturalistic enclosures for species native to North, Central and South America.  The Zoo’s policy is maintained by the Salisbury Zoo Commission, Inc. whose members are appointed by the Salisbury City Council. The Zoo is funded in part by the Salisbury Zoo Commission and by the City of Salisbury.

The Salisbury Zoo’s paved pathways and ramped boardwalks make the Zoo very accessible. Restrooms are equipped with changing tables and are ADA-compliant.


The Salisbury Zoological Park is committed to enhancing our quality of life by providing a friendly, relaxing environment where educational and recreational opportunities come together through participation and interaction.

With its animals, staff, volunteers, and park-like setting, the Zoo encourages appreciation of wildlife and inspires conservation of our natural world.


In all of its endeavors, the Salisbury Zoo will:

  • Embrace a commitment to positive change, planned growth, increased accessibility
  • Foster the desire for sustainable wildlife conservation
  • Be a relevant, responsive, and trusted partner enjoying the full support of all of its stakeholders


  • Exceptional Animal Care– We maintain the highest standards in our responsibilities with our animals and the resources that we use.
  • Respect– In all or our interactions with our visitors, volunteers, and employees we will be committed to the highest principles of mutual respect.
  • Integrity– We value the trust of our community and operate in an honest, reliable, and conscientious manner.
  • Accountability– We will be responsible and transparent to all of our stakeholders. We hold ourselves accountable in all that we do from caring for animals to providing our customers with a valuable experience.
  • Community Asset– We are a recreational, educational, and economic development asset to our community.
  • Stewardship– We maintain the highest standards in our responsibilities with resources that we use.
  • Accessible Experience– We are accessible to all members of the community.