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Zoo Organizations

Salisbury Zoo Commission

The Salisbury Zoo Commission is a 501 (c)(3) with the mission of raising funds to support the Zoo’s Education Department, the Marketing and Development Department and the Zoo’s conservation initiatives.

The Commissioners are appointed through the Mayor’s office with approval from the City Council. They provide oversight to the Zoo. The Zoo Commission was founded in 1976 and became a non-profit in 1984. The Zoo’s revenue programs; events, membership/sponsorship, education programs, gift shop/concession, produced by the Zoo Commission provide approximately 35% of the overall operating funds for the Zoo.

Zoo Commissioners

Dr. Clifton Griffin – Chairman; Donald Pulver – Vice Chairman; Karen Lutz – Secretary/Docent Representative; James Maybury – Treasurer; Linda Wainer – Commissioner;  Dave Harris – Commissioner;  Lorraine Bozman – Herb Society Representative; Jack HeathCity Council Representative; Leigh Yanus – Commissioner; Amy Heger – Commissioner

Delmarva Zoological Society

Delmarva Zoological Society (DZS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was incorporated in 2009. Its main goal is to raise money for capital projects for the Salisbury Zoo.   DZS has worked on “The Renew the Zoo” project including, the new animal health clinic, Australia and the William E. Morgan Conservation Center. Learn more here!

Salisbury Zoological Park Docent Association

Docents support the education, recreation, and conservation missions of the Salisbury Zoological Park.  As tour guides, program presenters and Certified Animal Team members, docents provide educational information to scheduled groups at the Salisbury Zoological Park and assist with the Ambassador Animal Collection. They give educational talks on and off Zoo grounds and they rove throughout the Zoo to educate Zoo visitors about the Zoo’s animals. They help to mentor new docents as they go through their training.