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Adventure Camp @ Salisbury Zoo

FEATURING Ranger Bob & Ranger Erin!!!!

Our mission is to bring children and nature together through adventure! We are an environmental and adventure education based summer camp that is located at the Salisbury Zoo. We work with children ages 6 to 14 through creative and engaging outdoor education programs. Our camp is able to explore many different places and create new and exciting activities for amazing summer experiences.

June 17-21 Anaconda wanna catch some snakes! (snake week)
Come hang out with our locally famous snake catcher, Ranger Bob! From local snakes to foreign beasts! This week, prepare to learn the in’s and out’s of different snakes from all over the globe and of all different sizes.

June 24-28 NEW AND IMPROVED: Wicomico on the Water (canoe and kayak week)
An Eastern shore tradition! Learn how to paddle both a canoe and a kayak. Visit amazing local places along the Wicomico River to enjoy small water crafts. Learn about some of the local animal and plant life you might see while going on a paddle! Safety first and learn from the professionals! No prior experience needed! Oh, and prepare to get WET!

July 8-12 Hook Line Sinker – Freshwater Addition (freshwater fishing)
Our first of our 2 fishing weeks! This week we will focus on freshwater fishing. This week includes learning who we might catch, rules and regulations, the best kind of equipment to use. And, of course, the basics of how to bait a hook and casting! This week is going to be REEL fun!

July 15-19 Amphibians + Reptiles! Do you know the difference? (amphibians and reptiles week)
From Frogs to Toads, and Turtles to Alligators, Learn about both local and exotic amphibians and reptiles. The difference between both and where they might be found globally!

July 22-26 Camping Adventures (camping 101)
We love camping and want to spread that love! We will introduce different kinds of camping, where there are some amazing places we can go locally and even where we can camp far away! This is a special week. We will be doing an overnight camping event with your parents included on the Friday night!

July 29- Aug. 2 Wild about the Water (water week)
This week we are gonna be all about the water! We are going be in the water and learning about animals who live in and around the water! We will also be diving into some education about our local water systems that make the eastern shore a unique and wet place to live.

August 5-9 Hook Line Sinker  Saltwater/brackish addition (saltwater fishing)
This week will be the 2nd of this summer’s fishing weeks! We will be exploring the salty waters of the eastern shores. We will be going over what it means to saltwater fish, who we might be catching, local rules and regulations, and a basic how-to cast those really big rods and reels! We are REEL excited for this one.

August 12-16 Under the Stars (nocturnal neighbors week)
This is our night themed week. We will be learning about our secretive nocturnal neighbors! These friends who only come out with the stars and the moon have a way of life that we will explore! This will also include our 2nd overnight camping on Friday night with parents included.

August 19-23 FOOD FIGHT!!! (farm week)
Okay, not an actual food fight, but now that we have your attention.. this week is all about learning who eats what? Humans and animals both. Where might we find this food? Where does it come from?

THIS CAMP IS FULL  August 26-30 Shark Week (shark week)
Our team will be talking to experts about this highly feared fish!  Join us as we see just how big some of these fascination creatures can be.

2019 summer camp weeks running from June 17 through August 30 (excluding July 4th week)

Each week of camp will have two field trips to enhance that week’s unique theme! Some of these field trips will include kayaking, canoeing, seining, fishing, hiking, and many more fun adventures! When we are not on a field trip, we will be at the Salisbury Zoo, experiencing different ambassador animals every week and diving into our fun-filled weekly concentrations!

With our 10 individually themed weeks, there is something for every explorer! From learning about our local wa-terways to identifying local and non-native critters, The Adventure Camp at the Salisbury Zoo will fulfill your ad-venturous side!

Early Bird rate $150 a week Before April 1, 2019
Regular Rate $175 a week

Downloadable Brochures are available for registration.   Adventure Camp Brochure

Register Online Here

A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of your registration. Staff will notify you immediately by phone if the session or sessions you submitted a registration for is already full.

Refunds and Cancellations
Refunds are guaranteed if you cancel before June 1. If you cancel after June 1, a refund (less a $10 administrative fee) will be issued ONLY if we fill the space from the waiting list. Please note: if your child is sent home due to disciplinary problems, no refund will be issued.

7:30am-9:00am Before Care and 3:00pm-5:30pm After Care are included in our rate.
Camp operates from 9:00am to 3:00pm.
Sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, and water shoes are all asked to be brought to camp! Along with a packed lunch and a change of clothes to get wet in!

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