Dark and light green leaves

Alpaca – Lama Pacos

Status: N/A
Alpaca Sadorus

Habitat: Alpacas are a domesticated member of the camel (camelid) family, which also includes the llama, guanaco and vicunas from South America. Alpacas were domesticated from the vicuna by the Incas more than 5,000 years ago and are among the most ancient of the world’s domestic animals.

Adaptations: Alpacas are raised for their exquisite fleece, which comes in many colors. Their dense coat keeps them warm in the cold climates. They are herd animals. Alpacas are agile climbers and have been used to haul items up and down mountains. They are very alert, with excellent eyesight.

Diet: Hay and grasses

Fun Fact: A baby alpaca is called a “cria.” A female is called a “hembra” and a male is called a “macho.”

Status: Alpacas are a domesticated species and do not exist in the wild. However, they are becoming more popular as pets and can be found on farms and ranches throughout North America.