Dark and light green leaves

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog – Cynomys Ludovicianus

Status: Least Concern
Prairie Dog

Habitat: Prairie dogs can be found in the Great Plains area of the central United States. They live in a series of underground burrows.  The burrows are an interconnected series of tunnels and chambers, consisting of several different rooms and more than one entrance.

Adaptations: Prairie dogs are territorial. Group members announce the boundaries of their territory by rearing up on their hind legs, pointing their heads skyward, and giving a series of distinctive barks. The prairie dog maintains its social structure with a ritual of kisses.

Diet: Grasses and other plants, including crops such as alfalfa and corn.

Fun Fact: Despite their name, prairie dogs aren’t dogs – they are squirrels. Their name comes from the barking noise that they make to warn one another of danger.