Dark and light green leaves

Burrowing Owl – Speotyto Cunicularia

Status: Least Concern
Burrowing Owl

Habitat: The burrowing owl is found in open country, grasslands, prairies, farmlands, airfields, golf courses and vacant lots. They live in Mexico, Central America, Southern South America and Florida year-round, and for breeding, they live in Western North America an a small portion of Canada. They are capable of digging their own burrow, but most often live in tunnels dug by prairie dogs, gophers, desert tortoises, ground squirrels, and other burrowing animals.

Adaptations: Burrowing owls have long legs, which allow them to hunt on the ground as well as in the air. They live in loose colonies which will warn each other of predators.

Diet: The burrowing owls’ diet in the wild consists of insects, small mammals, birds, frogs, snakes and lizards. Unlike many other owls, they will also eat some fruits and seeds. At the zoo, the burrowing owls eat mice, chicks, bird of prey diet, and occasionally, crickets.

Fun Fact: To scare away predators, burrowing owls issue an incredibly accurate vocal mimicry of the rattling of a rattlesnake, accompanied with some hissing sounds.