Dark and light green leaves

Green-Winged Macaw – Ara Chloropterus

Status: Least Concern
Green Winged Macaw Min

Habitat: Macaws are a group of long-tailed, large-beaked parrots native to Central and South America. Across that range, they live in several kinds of forested habitats, from dense tropical rainforest to dry, wooded savanna.

Adaptations: Macaws’ large, strong beaks are useful for feeding and climbing. Macaws travel together in loud screeching flocks.

Diet: Macaws eat seeds, nuts and fruits.

Fun Fact: Macaws are messy eaters, dropping large quantities of food as they eat. In the wild, this habit provides many ground-dwelling animals with fruit they would not otherwise be able to reach. Some of the foods macaws eat in the wild contain small amounts of toxins. To counter these poisons, macaws will eat clay, gathering in large numbers on cliff faces to obtain it. Green-winged macaws are the second-largest type of macaw.