Dark and light green leaves

Red-Necked Wallaby – Macropus Rufogriseus

Status: Least Concern
Wallaby Standing Near Rock Profile Js Small

Habitat: Red-necked wallabies are found in eastern and southeastern Australia, as well as the island of Tasmania. They inhabit grasslands and the edges of forested areas. This species has been introduced to New Zealand.

Adaptations: Wallabies are mainly crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk). They have large hind feet and use these, their tails and their front legs to walk. If startled, they will hop rapidly away on the hind feet. They can go up to 30 mph, and can leap four to six feet high. They have thick, coarse hair and long tapered tails, which are used for balance.

Diet: Wallabies eat grass, herbs, tree leaves, bark and fruit.

Fun Fact: A baby wallaby is called a joey. A joey will remain in its mother’s pouch until it is about 9-10 months old.