Dark and light green leaves

Greater Rhea – Rhea Americana

Status: Near Threatened
Rhea Funny

Habitat: Greater rheas inhabit the grasslands and open woodlands of southeastern South America.

Adaptations: Rheas are members of the ratite family, the group of flightless birds that also includes the ostrich, emu, cassowary and kiwi. Though they cannot fly, they are excellent runners, possessing long, featherless legs and three toes. The birds speed away at the first sign of danger, using their wings as rudders when they change direction.

Diet: Rheas eat grasses, insects, roots, leaves, seeds and small vertebrates.

Fun Fact: A female rhea’s involvement with her eggs ends the moment they hit the ground. Several females will lay their eggs in a shared nest, which will then be incubated and guarded by the male. After the eggs hatch, the male cares for the young by himself.