Dark and light green leaves

Spectacled Owl – Pulsatrix Perspicillata

Status: Least Concern
Spectacled Owl

Habitat: The range of the spectacled owl reaches from southern Mexico down into the central part of South America. They live in thick, humid rain forests and wooded grasslands.

Adaptations: As with most raptors, the female is larger than the male; this allows the male and female to share a territory while catching different prey animals. Spectacled owls have an unmistakable face pattern. Light circles around their yellow eyes give them the appearance of wearing glasses or spectacles, which is how they got their name. Chicks and juveniles, on the other hand, are white with brown markings on their faces. They have extremely large eyes that aid their vision at night, but they can also see very well during the day. In owls, the eyes can account for up to 5 percent of the total body weight.

Diet: Spectacled owls eat small mammals, birds, frogs and insects.

Fun Fact: Although they are usually active at night, they will sometimes hunt during the day. Spectacled owls have several calls, including a series of popping, tapping sounds, which has given them the nickname of “knocking owl.”