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Inclusion Toolbox

In a partnership with Dr. Rhyannon Bemmis’ Psychology classes at Salisbury University, a variety of materials have been created to assist families in making their zoo trip as smooth as possible. Please feel free to explore each of the documents and download any that will be beneficial to your family

Social Story – Be prepared for what you may discover at the zoo before you ever leave the house.

Zoo Map Sensory Zones – This zoo map identifies areas that could potentially be triggers as well as areas that are typically quiet areas for regrouping.

Visual Schedule – With pictures and a sequence line, this schedule allows families to plan where they will go in advance of their arrival.

Sensory Backpacks – We have backpacks you can check out to use while at the zoo.

Mood Chart – Using this mood chart, help your family decide how they feel about an exhibit and if it’s time to stay or go.