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Annual Appeal

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We are here for you!

We wanted to start this letter with a very heartfelt thank you for your support and to say, you were missed. Those few months when we were temporarily closed, the Zoo was very quiet. Yes, you could hear the kookaburras chatter, the bison snort and the macaws squawk, but something was missing. We didn’t hear you. It was the laughter, the squeals of children, the awes, the oohs of our visitors that we missed. As the world shut down, we got busy trying to learn how to be in this pandemic. So, we took this time to keep in touch with you, develop a safe re-opening plan and to work on some projects we call the “Honey Zoo Projects.”  We can’t forget to mention the new additions– zoo babies and zoo staff.

During those months, our zoo keepers and staff created a treasure trove of videos and content for the Zoo’s Facebook and Instagram pages. This was a way for us to bring the Zoo to you virtually, to keep us connected. We were able to host a virtual Earth Day event and a Pollinator week with the help of our community. You “liked”, “commented” and engaged with your Zoo, and it was wonderful!

It is so important to be outside, to be able to connect with your community and feel safe at the same time. Because of this, our work at the Zoo was more important than ever. To develop a safe re-opening plan, we studied what other Zoos were proposing and learned much  from these shared ideas. From there, we developed a modified opening that would help to keep our animals, staff, volunteers and visitors safe. We re-opened in July, and you showed up!

With the help of the City of Salisbury’s Field Operations team, our staff were able to check off some of our “Honey Zoo Projects”. The front panels of our sloth and cotton-top tamarin exhibits were refreshed with inviza-mesh, a stainless-steel metal fencing that gives visitor’s better visibility. The gift shop area was planted and landscaped.  New enrichment platforms and feeding stations where built for the wallabies and sloths. Some of our paths were re-paved and fencing was replaced. Our keepers are in the process of re-modeling our spider monkey exhibit so it will be ready for a new group of primates.

This past year we had several animal babies born at the Zoo. Sinchi, our male Andean bear cub was born January 11, 2020 to parents Chaska and Pinocchio. This is Pinocchio’s first cub and Chaska’s second. Our black-tailed Prairie dogs gave birth to two pups in April and two of our wallabies gave birth to joeys.

We also welcomed five new employees to our team this year!

Ally Wright – Veterinarian Technician
Mary Poudel – Education Curator
Ariel Jones – Administrative Assistant
Mark Gravenor – Grounds Keeper
Tameeka Williams – Veterinarian

During these uncertain times we are committed to staying in touch, improving the Zoo and most importantly keeping  our animals, staff and visitors safe. We care about you and know that times are difficult  but more than ever, we need, and appreciate any support that you can provide. Please consider donating to this annual appeal to help the Salisbury Zoo remain a free resource to your community. We are all in this together.

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