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Starting Spring 2021

For more information, including pricing, for any program or to schedule a program, please email the Education Department at salisburyzooed@gmail.com or call 443-944-0636.

Public Programs

Invite a few Wild Surprise Guests to your party!

Schedule a time for a couple of our Ambassador Animals to visit your party.  We can offer an appearance virtually, live at your location or on zoo grounds.  Educators will offer cool facts and information about our Ambassador Animals and a provide a question/answer time for guests.  A unique way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion!

Ed(ucation) Talks

Get an up close look at one of our Education Ambassador Animals and find out details about their diet, adaptations and classification. There is always an opportunity provided to ask questions.  Educators can be found on the stage each weekend with one of our Ambassador Animals for a quick chat.

Zoo to You

We can come to your location with animals in tanks as well as animals we handle for the group. There is always the availability of tailoring the animals to various topics you are studying.

Story Time Animal Encounter

Program themes are tailored to preschool aged children.  Presentations will help expand little ones’ imagination and knowledge of the animal world.  Educators will provide an animal story and Ambassador related presentation.   Schedule a story time topic that meets your needs and interests year round.  These can be done virtually, live at your location or on zoo grounds.

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School Programs  (On-Site)

We are able to schedule school groups for the following programs to be on site on Thursdays and Fridays at either 10:00 AM or 12:00 PM.

Guided Tour

Standard Tour: An informative tour through the Zoo led by a trained Wildlife Interpreter. Guides provide an introduction to the species on exhibit, and reinforce concepts such as classification, adaptation, habitat and natural resource conservation. For groups third grade and above. Approximately 60-90 minutes in length.

I Spy Tour: An interactive tour focusing on animal’s adaptations.  Guides will give information on how adaptations assist animals in survival, then lead the group to 4 different exhibits, where we will play a version of the children’s “I Spy” game looking to identify various adaptations. For Kindergarten through second grade. Approximately 30 minutes.

Wildlife Encounter

Classroom Interactive Program

Choose a theme-specific program that utilizes the zoo’s education ambassador animal collection in teaching the theme.  Topics include adaptations, diets, and classification. Approximately 45 minutes in length.  Due to COVID restrictions this program is limited to a maximum of 20 people.

Animal Presentations

This presentation of three animals generally includes a bird, mammal and reptile, but can be tailored to your topic of study. Topics can be discussed with the education department at time of booking. Approximately 30 minutes in length. This can also be done virtually!

Self Guided Tour

Upon registering your group, receive a packet of materials with lots of zoo information, scavenger hunts, animal facts, and pre and post lesson activities. On the day of your trip you can lead your group through the zoo and conduct various activities from your packet.

School Programs (Off-Site)

Animal Presentation

Presentation of four animals; generally includes a bird, mammal, amphibian and reptile, but can be tailored to your topic of study.

Classroom Program

Theme-specific, interactive programs that utilize the zoo’s education animal collection.

Zoo to You

We can come to your event with animals in tanks as well as animals we handle for the group, a display board and handouts with all types of information on the Salisbury Zoo animals and programs. There is always the availability of tailoring the display board and animals to various topics.

Summer Camp Program Offerings

*The Salisbury Zoo will be offering a program specifically for summer camps visiting the Salisbury Zoo.  The program incorporates a zoo program and guided tour highlighting specific exhibits within the zoo with a variety of themes to choose from.

-20 people maximum per program.  If maximum group number is higher, it will be required to do multiple program rotations.


I-Spy Tour: (K-2nd grade)

Using the concept of the “I Spy” game, students learn about various adaptations of the animals in the zoo.

Dinner is Served: (K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th)

Who is the producer?  Who is the consumer?  Campers will describe how animals at the zoo exchange energy with each other.  Learn about the dietary needs of animals that are part of the food web within the zoo.

Exhibit Designers (3rd -5th)

Zookeepers design exhibits similar to animal’s natural habitats.  Campers will learn about the differences of the main geographical regions represented in the zoo.  Using their new knowledge, campers will be able to identify the adaptations of the animals living there and how the animal’s needs are met within their exhibit.

Classification Detectives (K-2nd grade)

While visiting exhibits, campers will investigate items around the zoo to help them classify the mystery animals as a bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate.

Endangered Species Mastermind (3rd-5th)

Campers will use their analytical skills to solve puzzles, riddles, and clues to figure out what animals in the zoo are listed as endangered or threatened species.  They will then learn how this population became threatened and what they can do to help make a difference.

**Junior Zookeeper Camp 2021**

For campers entering 6th to 8th grades     July 26 to July 30

Who wants to be a zookeeper? Go behind-the-scenes to learn what working in a zoo is all about. Daily assist keepers in exhibits, find out what enrichment is  and how it’s used.  Learn some of the conservation projects the zoo focuses on, and discover how exhibits are designed and built for specific animals. $5 per camper fee will be put directly to the Association of Zookeeper’s conservation project of the class’s choice! Drop off at 8:00 am, curriculum focus 9:00-3:00 pm, pick up by 5:00 pm.  Zoo Camp has limited openings and will be first come, first served until all places are filled.

$135 FOSZ members, $150 non-members

Complete the REGISTRATION FORM and someone from our education department will contact applicants on availability and to collect payment.  For additional questions, contact the Education Department at 443-944-0636.

For more information, including pricing, on any program or to schedule a program, please email the Education Department at salisburyzooed@gmail.com or call 443-944-0636.